Endless Bracelets ⛓

Thinking about joining us at the Chemistry welding bar for an endless bracelet? Here’s what you need to know! 

Endless bracelets are custom-measured lengths of chain, secured to your wrist with no clasp. They’re meant to be worn endlessly, and require almost no maintenance -  they just add a little sparkle and beauty to your world! We offer a rotating selection of styles in 14k gold and sterling silver. 

Here’s how it works: Choose your favorite chain from our rotating selection when you arrive. After payment, we’ll measure and cut the perfect length for you. Then we’ll secure it to your wrist with a 14k gold ring, and weld it together! Easy as that. While your time at the welding bar is only a few minutes, actual weld takes a fraction of a second and doesn’t hurt one bit!

We like to think of our endless bracelets as something that we’ll wear forever - but really, they can be removed. We recommend carefully cutting that small ring that connects your chain with scissors. You chain can then be re-welded later, or we can add a clasp to most styles if you prefer to take it off regularly. 

Some things to note:

- We can only weld one client at a time! Please be patient with us. Welding clients are first come, first served. 

- Minimum welding age is 10. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

- If you have an known allergy to 14k gold, we don’t recommend this for you. 

- If you need to remove your bracelet, please cut the connecting ring with scissors. We can re-attach your chain later for a small welding fee, or add a clasp* so that your bracelet can be taken on and off. (*available for most styles)

- A dainty chain is what it is... and a good pull (while unlikely since the chain sits close to your wrist) can break the links. We are happy to do our best to fix it when possible, but we can’t guarantee that your chain will last forever. Please wear mindfully.

- As a custom item, all Endless Bracelet sales are final.